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BLK is an Australian sporting goods manufacturing company that was established in 1999 in the city of Gold Coast in Queensland. The overall but now heavily transitioned company has origins as far back as 1999 but evolved from the Australian arm of the brand KooGa. Australian founder and current chairman, Kim Brant, re-branded KooGa Australia to "BLK" in 2011.

Blk has terrible customer service, its poorly run, and orders are not fulfilled, MJ Smyth claims at

"I placed an order with BLK and have been waiting for almost 3 months now. Their customer service has ignored all my phone calls and emails. It turns out they have gone into receivership and I won't be seeing my order. Another poorly run company that keeps on taking customer money even though they won't be able to fulfill any orders. I hope the owners are happily stealing my money."


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Bartender (Former Employee) says

"Don't apply here. Maybe, and just maybe if you need a part time job, it might suffice. Your paycheck may or may not bounce when you try to cash it. Don't make the mistake I made. Cons: Too many to list"

Hostess (Former Employee) says

"Not really enjoyable because they were not really busy when they first opened. Didn't get along with some of management. Not for me. Cons: not a great work environment"

Cocktail Waitress (Former Employee) says

"Work experience good. Unorganized due to new management. Makes great money . Easy to learn computers . Very competitive salary. Bottle service, VIP rooms"

Geoff says

"I didn't want to give a negative review as your products are actually very good but guys you have got to wake up and look at your delivery charges, I can buy from the UK mainland for a fraction of your prices and I live a couple of miles from you. I get the COVID issues, we all do, but you keep on quoting 'due to Government guidelines", show me the guidelines which state that you are not allowed to collect goods, as long as we all comply with the officlal actual guidelines, social distance, face mask, sanitise, what is the issue? Payment is done before collection, you tell us what time to arrive, the item is left on the floor for me to pick up, there is no social interaction, happy customer, job done. You are the only company in the whole of UK and Ireland who have taken the decision to ban all collections, if Tesco, M&S, Curry's etc, who deal with thousands of customers every day can do it why can't you, how many collections would you do, 10, 20? The fact that you allow "Mr Courier man" to collect from you and deliver to customers and not the customer in person baffles me.A courier will meet maybe 100 people or more in a working day, I work from home and only meet my immediate family, three people, how am I not safer than the courier? I want to support local business and want to buy from you but your strict stance on collections is driving me and everyone else to your competitors, we are the customers you will lose forever."

Chris says

"You sent a medium womens, I’d ordered a medium men’s. It worked out alright I gave it to my girlfriend ??"

Gerard says

"Asked a question about a product I received and never got a response"

David Turner says

"Did not reply to my email!!"

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